Aervoe 890 Water-Base Non-Flammable Cutting Oil, 16 oz

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Aervoe 890 Specifications:
•  Container size: 16 oz. (13-oz. fill)

Aervoe 890 Features:
•  Clings to surfaces
•  Reinforced with high-viscosity oils and sulfur-free, extreme pressure additives
•  Prolongs tool life, reduces tool sharpening and down time
•  Lubricates and cools at the cutting point
•  Low odor
•  Easily washes off with commercial cleaners or soap and water
•  Includes extension tube for precision application in hard to reach areas
•  USDA H-2 (Click on USDA link for category descriptions)
•  Sawing, tapping, grinding, machining, threading, and drilling. Recommended for use on all metals including stainless steel and soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper.
•  Use on turret lathes, gear cutters, broaches, and automatic screw machines.

This non-flammable, water-based Cutting Oil improves metal cutting operations and increases efficiencies in machining operations.