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Knaack 139-SK-01 Model 139-SK-01 Safety Kage™ Cabinet, 59.4 cu ft

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• Secure Fall Protection Storage – Provides safe, ventilated, and secure storage in the tool cabinet for all forms of fall protection equipment*
• First Aid Kit Storage – Protected storage in this industrial cabinet allows for fast access to first aid kit in case of an emergency*
• Fire Extinguisher Storage – Protected storage in this metal tool cabinet allows fast access to a fire extinguisher*
• Personal Eye Wash Station – Protected storage in this tool box cabinet allows fast access to eye washing in case of emergency*
• Secure Safety Equipment Storage – The left-hand side of the Kage has multiple metal tool cabinet shelves to store all types of safety equipment
• Power Pass™ with grommeted shelving allows for power distribution on every shelf of the tool storage cabinet

The Model 139-SK-01 Safety Kage™ Cabinet is an industry first — a one-stop shop for jobsite safety. The interior of this powder-coated tool cabinet has ample storage space for all types of fall protection and personal protection equipment. The right side of this industrial cabinet is full-height, with hooks to hang harnesses, lanyards, vests, ropes, etc. The left side features four levels of shelving to store hard hats, vests, gloves, and other typ(more...)

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