Klein 56415 15' (4.6 m) Mid-Flex Glow Rod Set

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• Mid-range flexibility for most fishing applications.
• Glows in the dark to illuminate dark work spaces.
• Three 3/16'' (5 mm) diameter x 5' (1.52 m) glow rods assemble to a full 15' (4.57 m).
• Bullet nose and hook attachments to attach and grab wires.
• Made in the USA.
• Always wear approved eye protection.
• NEVER use on or near electrical circuits.
• Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance.
• Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance.

• Material: Fiberglass
• Overall Length: 15 ft. (4.6 m)
• Diameter: 3/16" (4.8 mm)
• Weight: 0.85 lbs. (0.39 kg)
• Included: (3) 3/16" (4.8 mm) Diameter 5' (1.5 m) Glow Rods with Bullet Nose and Hook Attachments

If you've ever used fiberglass fish rods, you know how painful and annoying fiberglass splinters can be. The protective coating on these fish rods guards your hands against splinters while the glow illuminates dark work spaces. Rods assemble to whatever length needed. Get the job done fast and keep your hands pain free with these general purpose fish rods.